16th Urological Association of Asia Congress 2018
President’s Welcome Letter

Message from the congress president

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

On behalf of the organizing committee, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 16th Urological Association of Asia (UAA) Congress 2018 held in my hometown, Kyoto.

The UAA was established in 1990, when urologists from 11 nations met a joint Japan-Korea Urology Congress in Fukuoka, Japan, which was later called the First Asian Congress of Urology (ACU). During the twenty-eight years since then, the UAA has developed steadily to become a large, well-known society consisting of 24 member associations and one affiliated association.

UAA Congress has always provided an opportunity for close communication between urologists among Asia, functioning as a bridge between the urological communities. We decided the main theme of this congress to be “Discover Tomorrow of Urology: Message From Asia to the World.” Our association is entering a mature phase over a quarter of a century since its foundation. Fortunately, the 106th Annual Meeting of Japanese Urological Association is scheduled on the same occasion. I am convinced that this will be a unique opportunity to reaffirm the standing of the UAA in the world.

Kyoto was the capital city of Japan for over 1000 years until the Emperor moved to Tokyo. Since then, Kyoto has been recognized as the cultural heart of the country. The beautiful surroundings and the cultural heritage attract people from all over the world. I firmly believe that you will be fascinated by the charms of the city and the vibrant sights and sounds of traditional Japan. Spring brings cherry blossom to Kyoto and it is the most beautiful season of the year. I hope you will enjoy the congress in April as well as the inexhaustible charm of Kyoto - its rich natural beauty, culinary culture and science and arts.

Congress President:Osamu Ogawa