Information for Chairs and Speakers

For Chairs

  • Please take the chair's standby seat at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your session.
  • Allocated time of all sessions was informed to speakers previously. Please respect the time for each presentation.

For Speakers

1. Presentation Time & Language

Presentation Form Presentation
/ Q&A
Discussion Language of
the slide
Language of
the presentation
International Symposium Presentation: 10min 30min English English
Main Session Presentation: 5min
Q&A: 3min
10min English English
Oral Presentation Presentation: 5min
Q&A: 3min
None English English

2. Data

  • Screen ratio is 4:3.
  • Presentation files must be in Windows PowerPoint 2010, 2013, or 2016
  • Please bring your data by USB memory or your laptop.
  • Please bring your laptop especially for the presentation with Macintosh data. (Only media device with Mac data will not be acceptable.)
【USB memory】
  • The title of your presentation file should be "session title_program No._your name".
    (e.g.: 45JSS_XX-001_John Smith).
  • To avoid display problems with your presentation, use only standard OS fonts such as Arial・Arial Gothic・Century・Century Gothic.
  • The projection screen for your session has XGA resolution (1024×768 pixels).
  • To avoid the possible spread of computer viruses, your presentation files should be scanned with updated anti-virus software.
  • Please check your slide at PC Preview before your presentation.
  • Please turn off a function of screen saver, energy saver, virus checker and password features in advance.
  • Please bring a power adapter if you intend to use your own laptop.
  • Please bring a USB for backup data.
  • Please bring your laptop to operate seat by yourself before the beginning of your session.
  • Please be avoided to use a function of [Presentation Tools] in PowerPoint (or keynote of Macintosh), for the purpose of keeping the programs smoothly.

3. Video / Audio

  • You can use audio or video in your presentation. If you use video which is encoded with a specific codec in your presentation, we recommend you bring your own PC.
  • We also recommend any video data to be in WMV or MP4 format which can be played on Windows Media Player 12.
  • All data files should be in one folder, including any reference files such as video files. Please check your data by another PC which files can open or not.
  • Please mention at PC Preview if you use audio files.

4. PC Preview

  • Please finish register and check your presentation slide in PC preview at least 30 minutes before the beginning of your session.

Opening Hours: Oct. 19 (Fri) 7:00-18:40 / Oct. 20 (Sat) 6:30-16:50
Place: Osaka International Convention Center (OICC) 10F Foyer

5. Notice of Conflict of Interest (COI)

All speakers are requested to post a notice of COI on your presentation
Please add a COI slide on a second slide (after the Tittle slide).
You are able to download a sample by clicking on the image below.

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