Welcome Message

Congress President

It is a great pleasure to announce that the 45th annual meeting of Japan Shoulder Society will be hosted by Osaka University at the Osaka Convention Center on both October 19th and 20th, 2018.
The theme of this meeting is "Discuss the shoulder". Recently the globalization is one of the key words at the Japan Shoulder Society. We interpret it, and this theme was selected.
The presentation and the discussion in English is needed for the globalization, but the most important thing is we can present the unique clinical outcomes or the results of the research original in the world. Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University, Masukawa Toshihide was awarded the Nobel Prize without the presentation in English abroad. The originality and value of research has been appreciated.

The Japan Shoulder Society has a glorious history that has produced the unique researches such as a loose shoulder by Dr. Hideo Endo and the rotator interval lesion by Dr. Katsuya Nobuhara. In order to pass that baton to young fellows who follow, I would like to make this annual meeting a result.

Wonderful studies have been reported at the former annual meetings. Nevertheless, some of the presentations were not thoroughly scrutinized, and there were insufficient value. As the theme is "Discuss the shoulder", we want to enjoy discussing as much time as possible.

The town of Osaka is now dramatically changing because of the large developmental projects and the visiting of many foreign tourists. All of us welcome your coming to fully enjoy Osaka.

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