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President: Tomio Inoue

Dear colleagues,

Nuclear medicine in Asia Oceania has been rapidly developing for recent one decade with Asian social economy development, especially in East Asian countries. Now we need stronger Asia-Oceania network in nuclear medicine fields like European Association of Nuclear Medicine. We hope the AOCNMB 2017 in Yokohama will be a trigger to discuss about the future of the figure of Asia Oceania nuclear medicine community as a global unit such as EASNM or SNMMI. Since financial resources of medical economy is limited for supporting nuclear medicine examination/treatment in every country, the most efficient and accurate diagnostic process with the lowest cost might be required and the critical clinical indication of nuclear medicine should be based on the evidence by the comparative clinical study with other imaging modality. The number of clinical trials targeting the nuclear medicine examination/treatment may not be enough to be provided by only one country considering the limitation in number of patients conforming to the trials due to the strict clinical indication in a clinical study protocol, and thus multilateral cooperation for nuclear medicine is expected. It is not easy for conducting reliable clinical trial among many countries in Asia Oceania region. We need closer communication and exchange information about the social background regarding nuclear medicine including health insurance system in each country and we should try to standardize the nuclear medicine imaging procedure and the education for young physicians, investigators, and technologists. We are expecting that many young physicians, technologists, and scientists who are not only in the field of nuclear medicine but also in various other fields will gather in Yokohama in 2017 and create a future Asia Oceania Nuclear medicine network.

The AOCNMB 2017 will be held on October 5-7th, 2017, in Yokohama, Japan, concurrently held with the 57th annual scientific meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine, the 37th annual scientific meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology and the 7th annual international conference of the Asia Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Yokohama in 2017.

Tomio Inoue
The 12th Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology
(AOCNMB 2017)

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