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Information for Speakers and Chairs

Notice for Oral Presenters

  • Length of Presentation
    General Sessions
    Oral presentation: 7 minutes, Discussion: 3 minutes Total: 10 minutes
  • For the designated sessions - The allotted time for other presentations will be guided by moderator.
  • Please keep your time, though no limit is set for the number of slides allowed for each presentation.
  • Official languages are Japanese and English.


Bring your PC
USB Memory×
ApplicationsPowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016
Movie SoftWindows Media Player-

* Photographic films or OHP/VTR systems are not available.

* If you intend to use a movie data, we recommend you to bring your own laptop.

◆For presenters who bring data with a mobile media

  1. Please check your presentation data at the “Speaker's Preview Room” no later than 45 min. in advance of your presentation. (Your data will be received even before the presentation date.)

    Speaker's Preview Room (PACIFICO Yokohama, Conference Center 1F)

    Opening hours:
    October 5 (Thu.)7:30–17:30
    October 6 (Fri.)7:30–18:30
    October 7 (Sat.)8:00–11:00
  2. Bring your presentation slides with a Windows-readable USB flash memory.
    CD-R(W), DVD-R(W), MO and floppy disk are not acceptable.
    Confirm the absence of viruses in your media in advance through a check using any security application in which the virus definition is up-to-date.
  3. The size of your data must be equal to or less than 1GB.
  4. The following OS and applications will be provided:

    * OS - Windows10

    * Applications – PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 for Windows

  5. Only fonts installed as OS (Windows10) standard are available.
  6. Adjust the resolution of your computer to XGA when you check the layout of your presentation. The resolution of the display for all computers in the presentation is standardized to XGA (1024x768), aspect ratio of 4:3.
  7. Please inform an operating staff if using video and/or sound for your presentation at the “Speaker's Preview Room”.
  8. Store all reference files (e.g., video files) in the same folder.

    * Precautions for video files:
    For Windows, use any video format in which the default codec of Windows 10 (OS) and Windows Media Player 12 or later can be decoded.
    (WMV format is recommended)

  9. After preparing your presentation data, check whether it is usable in other computers.
  10. You cannot edit your data in the presentation room.
  11. As you finish the preview, your data will be forwarded to the presentation room through the LAN line.
  12. At the beginning of your presentation, the first slide is displayed on the screen as a slide show. Use the mouse and keyboard on the stage to flip your presentation. A laser pointer is provided on the stage. Not available to use a function of presentation tools in Power Point.
  13. Your presentation data will be temporarily stored in the server of “Speaker's Preview Room.” and in the computer on the stage. Congress Secretariat is responsible for the deletion of the temporary data after closing the conference.

◆For presenters who bring their own laptops

  1. Please come to the “Speaker's Preview Room” no later than 45 min. before your presentation.

    Speaker's Preview Room (PACIFICO Yokohama, Conference Center B1F)

    Opening hours:
    October 3 (Thu.)7:30–17:30
    October 4 (Fri.)7:30–18:30
    October 5 (Sat.)8:00–11:00
  2. Check the cable connection to the preview monitor located in the “Speaker's Preview Room”.
    VGA connector cable is available at the “Speaker's Preview Room”.
    Different connectors are required for some laptop computers. Please be sure to bring your own connector in case your laptop computer requires a specific one.
    VGA connector External display cables
    VGA connectorExternal display cables
  3. Check for the display of data on the laptop in the external display.
    The setup methods depend on the individual configurations of your computer or OS.
    Confirm the setup in advance.
  4. Create a shortcut (alias) of your data on the desktop.
  5. XGA (1024x768) is recommended as the display resolution.
    Any other sizes (smaller or larger) lead to the degradation of image quality.
  6. If you use any video and / or sound, please inform this during the registration of your data.
  7. Disable the screensaver and the energy-saving configuration in advance.
  8. If you set up a password, type or disable it in advance.
  9. A power supply is available in the presentation room. Carry your AC adaptor.
  10. By at least 30 minutes before your presentation time (regardless of the other presentations), you should be at the operator’s seat near the speech table in the left front of the presentation room, where you should hand over your laptop. The staff will connect the cables and check the external output for you.
  11. Use the monitor, the mouse, the keyboard, and the laser pointer located on the stage. Not available to use a function of presentation tools in Power Point.
  12. Bring backup data, just for precaution.
  13. Please refrain from placing your PC on the podium, for the purpose of keeping the programs smoothly.
  14. Your laptop will be returned at the operator’s seat - the same place where you handed it over. Please pick up your laptop at your earliest convenience after your presentation, as the operator's space is limited.

Note for Poster Presenters

◆Poster display schedule:

Posting October 5 (Thur.) 10:00–13:00
Removal October 7 (Sat.) 11:00–12:00
All posters left displayed after 12:00 on the October 7 will be disposed of by the secretariat.

◆ Poster Presentation

Pesentation: 4 minutes for speech and 3 minutes for discussion
Total: 7 minutes

◆Preparing posters

  1. Official languages are Japanese and English for JSNM, and English only for AOCNMB.
  2. The session numbers will be prepared on the upper left side of the panel by the secretariat.
  3. Present a label showing the title, institution, and the presenter name with the size of 13.5 cm (H) x 100 cm (W).
  4. There is panel measuring 200 cm (H) x 116 cm (W) in each poster booth. Prepare your poster(s) so that they fit into these panels.
  5. Pins for setting up posters are provided by the secretariat.


Financial disclosure

All presenters are obliged to disclose any relevant financial interest or other relationships with commercial companies or organizations as conflict of interest. Please download a Power point slide for conflict of interest, and use it as the second slide followed by the title slide in your oral presentation. In poster presentation, conflict of interest should be disclosed at the end of your poster.

Slide Samples

No conflict of interest slideConflicts of interest disclosure slide
No conflict of interest slide Conflicts of interest disclosure slide

Download Sample slides for conflict of interest (ppt)

For the chairperson of oral sessions

Seat yourself at “Next chair’s seat” by at least 15 minutes before your session begins.
The progress of the event is entrusted to the chairperson. You can discuss topics separately or together, as this is completely at your discretion. Please take care regarding the progress, in order to achieve a fruitful discussion within the predefined period.

For chairpersons of poster sessions

Visit the poster session desk by at least 15 minutes before the session starts.
There is no timekeeper for these sessions. The progress is entirely entrusted to the chairperson. You can discuss topics separately or together, as this is completely at your discretion. Please take care regarding the progress, in order to achieve a fruitful discussion within the predefined period.

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