The 2nd Fukuoka Cruise Conference 第2回福岡クルーズ会議
English The 2nd Fukuoka Cruise Conference 第2回福岡クルーズ会議

1.主催   福岡市
2.後援   クルーズライン国際協会(CLIA)北アジア
(CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) North Asia) 
3.日時   平成27年11月30日(月)14:00~17:30
4.会場   福岡国際会議場 5階 国際会議室 (福岡市博多区石城町2-1)
(1) 主催者あいさつ 14:00~14:10
福岡市長 髙島 宗一郎
(2) 来賓あいさつ 14:10~14:20
(3) 基調講演 14:20~14:50                     
CLIA North Asia会長 ジナン・リウ氏 
(4) パネルディスカッション 15:10~16:40
①コスタ・アジア社長 ブディ・ボック氏
②プリンセス・クルーズ上級副社長 アンソニー・カウフマン氏
(5) 特別講演 17:00~17:30
株式会社カーニバル・ジャパン 顧問 木島 榮子氏
6.対象   港湾関係者,旅行・観光業界,報道関係者 約200名
7.参加費   無料

The 2nd Fukuoka Cruise Conference

The executives of leading cruise lines doing business in Asia will discuss the expansion strategy for the Asian cruise market, clarify challenges Japan faces in the rapidly-growing cruise industry and explore measures to bring Japan 'the era of welcoming one million foreign visitors by cruise ships'.

1. Host:   Fukuoka City
2. Support:   Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) North Asia
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Japan Tourism Agency (TBA)
Japan Cruise Port Association
Kyushu Cruise Promotion Conference
3. Date:   14:00-17:30, Monday, November 30, 2015
4. Venue:   International Conference Zone
5th floor, Fukuoka International Congress Center
2-1, Sekijo-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
5. Program: *All titles of speeches and a discussion are tentative.
  (1) 14:00-14:10   Welcome speech and presentation by the host
'CRUISE NEXT - Cruise Promotion in Fukuoka City'
Soichiro Takashima, Mayor of Fukuoka City
  (2) 14:10-14:20   Greeting message from honorable guests
  (3) 14:20-14:50   Keynote speech
'Prospect for Asian Cruise Market'
Dr. Zinan Liu, Chairman of CLIA North Asia / President of China and
North Asia Pacific region, Royal Caribbean International
  (4) 15:10-16:40   Panel discussion
'Extensive Collaboration and Product Development for Shore Excursion'
Chie Hoashi, Executive Vice President, INOUT Co., Ltd.
Buhdy Bok, President, Costa Asia
Anthony Kaufman, Senior Vice President, Princess Cruises
Kyohei Sakita, Mayor of Nichinan City, Miyazaki
Junichiro Nakashima, Chief Executive, Port & Harbor Bureau,
Fukuoka City
  (5) 17:00-17:30   Special lecture
'Japanese Cruise Market Expansion'
Eiko Kijima, Special Advisor, Carnival Japan
6. Attendee:   200 from the port authorities, the travel and tourism business and the media
7. Admission:   Free
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