3rd International Conference of Federation of Asian Clinical Oncology (FACO)

October 29(Thu) - 31(Sat), 2015 Kyoto International Conference Center

About FACO

International Conference of FACO

The Federation of Asian Clinical Oncology (FACO) was established in accordance of consensus of JSCO (Japan Society of Clinical Oncology), CSCO (Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology) and KACO (Korean Association for Clinical Oncology) in February 2012. The ultimate goal of the FACO is to improve the standard of cancer treatment through the cooperate studies on more effective therapeutic strategies based on drugs, surgery and/or radiotherapy that are already in use and also through the development of new drugs and other innovative approaches in Asian Pacific area. The conference will focus on cancer as a global challenge with the aim of improving the cure rate as well as the quality of life of cancer patients especially in Asian region.

Executive Committee of FACO

Prof. Masahiko Nishiyama Prof. Yi-Long Wu Prof. Hyun Cheol Chung
Prof. Ikuo Konishi Prof. Shu-kui Qin Prof. Young Hyuck Im
Prof. Takashi Nakano Prof. Tony Mok Prof. Yeul Hong Kim
Prof. Yuko Kitagawa Prof. Jin Li Prof. Yoon-Koo Kang
    Prof. Sung Hoon Noh

Academic Committee of FACO

Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida Prof. Jun Ma Prof. Seock-Ah Im
Prof. Hideo Baba Prof. Shun Lu Prof. Sun Young Rha
Prof. Masakazu Yamamoto Prof. Zefei Jiang Prof. Myung-Ju Ahn
Prof. Tetsuya Mitsudomi Prof. Luhua Wang Prof. Joong Bae Ahn
Prof. Masakazu Toi Prof. Ruihua Xu Prof. Ho-Yeong Lim
Prof. Atsushi Ohtsu Prof. Gong Chen Prof. Dae Ho Lee
Prof. Yasuhiro Shimada Prof. Zhen Zhang
Prof. Junji Furuse Prof. Feng Shen
Prof. Nobuyuki Yamamoto Prof. Feng Jin
Prof. Yasuhiro Fujiwara Prof. Jiwei Liu

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