3rd International Conference of Federation of Asian Clinical Oncology (FACO)

October 29(Thu) - 31(Sat), 2015 Kyoto International Conference Center

Travel Grant

Travel grants will be available. Travel grant recipients will be selected by JSCO2015 Congress President on a competitive basis.
Please confirm the following eligibility requirements.

- The applicant has to:

be the first author of the accepted abstract.
holds a membership in their country’s national oncology association.
be 40 years old or younger and currently active in oncology field in any Asian countries except Japan.
be prepared to present a letter of reference from his/her country’s oncology association.

- The work described in the abstract should not have been presented or published before the Conference.
- Each awardee will receive 50,000 Japanese yen after his/her presentation. All awardees are asked to bring a photo ID including citizen ship information, as it will be confirmed upon receipt of the award.
- It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain necessary documents including a visa required for entering Japan (if necessary).

To apply for a travel grant, the following documents must be received by the JSCO2015 Congress Secretariat by email overseas-jsco2015[A]convention[D]co[D]jp ( Please change [A] to @ , [D] to . ) before 28 May 2015.
*Please be aware that only successful candidates will be contacted by Congress Secretariat.

- A letter of reference from applicant’s country’s oncology association with applicant name.
- A readable photocopy of applicant’s Abstract Submission page of the 3rd International Conference of FACO.

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