We would like to express our deep sympathy to those who have been affected by massive earthquakes that occurred in Kumamoto regions.
We would also like to announce that the ICRNM2016 will take place on schedule in Okinawa.
2016.04.05   On-line-Registration has been closed.
2016.03.28   Shuttle Bus Services has been updated.
2016.02.22   Presentation Guidelines has been updated.
2016.02.16   Early-Registration has been closed.
Pre-Registration will close on Friday, March25, 2016.
2016.01.26   Early-Registration deadline has been extended until Monday,
February 15, Japan time.
2015.12.18   The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until
Friday ,January 8, 2016, 5:00PM, Japan time.
2015.10.01   Call for Abstracts have been updated.
2015.09.01   Registration/Accommodation have been updated.
2015.07.02   Registration / Call for Abstracts have been updated.
2015.04.02   ICRNM2016 Official website has opened.
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