IFSAM2014 World Congress in Tokyo Conference Theme

Conference Theme : Management in Crisis

The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11 2011 inflicted heavy damage on Japan. In addition to the enormous loss of life, Japan experienced the destruction of many workplaces, various supply chains and a deal of its infrastructure. The serious accident at the nuclear power plants in Fukushima severely impacted a great number of people's lives and businesses. However, the sources of economic crisis are found not only in natural disasters, but also in social causes as well. The EU has been facing difficulties brought about by the debt crisis besetting several member countries. Such crises have been amplified because of the globalization of economic activities. In addition, business management is often confronted with more specific, but no less serious, organizational crises. It is not at all unusual that managers must deal with on-going crises today as part of their managerial role. What should management do? How can management studies deal with crisis in today's global and high-tech society? What is the role of management researchers in an era of social and environmental crisis? These are some of the fundamental questions which we seek to capture in our conference theme.