IFSAM2014 World Congress in Tokyo Keynote Speakers, Symposiums, Tracks

Keynote Speakers

"Leadership in Crisis: A Practice Based Response"
Professor David Grant (The University of New South Wales)
BA Essex, MSc PhD London
Senior Deputy Dean at the Australia School of Business, The University of New South Wales, Former Professor of Organisational Studies and Co-Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, Co-director of the International Centre for Research on Organisational Discourse Strategy and Change, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Management, Kings College, London.
Professor David Grant (The University of Sydney)
"The War for Talent among Nations"
Professor Rosalie L. Tung (Simon Fraser University)
Ming and Stella Wong Professor of International Business at Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business, Former President of Academy of Management(2003-2004) and incoming President-elect of the Academy of International Business (2014-2015), FRS(C), Fellow of the Academy of Management, Fellow of the Academy of International Business, Fellow of the British Academy of Management.
Professor Rosalie L. Tung (Simon Fraser University)


We will operate 6 symposiums and 1 joint symposium in the conference. All of them will be run with partners, the other Management related Academies in Japan, and have specific topics reflecting the partners' research focuses.

September 2nd

14:20 to15:50 (90min.)

Plenary Symposiums
Symposium I
Room: 1011
Organizer:The Academic Association for Organizational Science
Theme:Revitalization efforts by manufacturing and energy industries in Japan
after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011
Coordinator:Toshihiro Kanai , Professor of Kobe University, Japan
Presentation 1:Takeo Kikkawa , Professor of Hitotsubashi University, Japan
The Japanese Energy Industries after Fukushima Disaster
Presentation 2:Takahiro Fujimoto, Professor of University of Tokyo, Japan
Overcoming Crises by Capability Building - Some Cases of Japanese
Manufacturing Sites, or "Genba"

Symposium II
Room: 1012
Organizer:Japan Society of Human Resource Management
Theme:Issues on Expatriate Management from Comparative Perspectives
Presentation 1:Chris Brewster, Professor of International Human Resource
Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading. UK
"Comparative Perspectives on Expatriate Management from Europe"
Presentation 2:Rosalie Tung, Professor of International Business at Simon Fraser
University, Canada.
"Comparative Perspectives on Expatriate Development and Appraisal"
Presentation 3:Mitsuhide Shiraki, Professor of International Human Resource
Management at Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Japan.
"The development and appraisal of Japanese expatriates in Asia"

September 3rd

11:00 to12:30 (90min.)

Plenary Symposiums
Symposium III
Room: 1011
Organizer:Japan Scholarly Association of Asian Management
Theme:"Business Ecosystems in Newly Developing Countries and Base of the Pyramid (BOP) -Focusing on the Case of CARD MRI, Philippine NGO-"
Moderator:Takabumi Hayashi, Professor of kokushikan University, Japan
Presentation 1:Chie Iguchi, Associate Professor of International Business, Keio University, Japan
"How to Create Business Eco-Systems for Poverty Reduction – The Case
of the Philippines-".
Presentation 2:Takuto Motomura, CEO of Granma Inc.Japan
"Our Strategy to construct business eco-systems to alleviate poverty".
Presentation 3:M.J.Ruiz, President, MicroVentures, Philippines.
"Local Value Chain Strategies to develop local business eco-systems".

Symposium IV
Room: 1012
Organizer:Japan Association for the Comparative Studies of Management
Theme:"The Comparison of Emerging Market Multinationals:Reviewing from Japanese Perspectives"
Moderator:Hiroshi TANAKA, Professor of Ritsumeikan University
Keynote speaker: Peter J. Williamson, Prof. of Judge Business School and a fellow of Jesus College, University of Cambridge. UK
"The Comparison of Emerging Market Multinationals Revisited"
Discussant:Ryoji Nakagawa, Professor of Ritsumeikan University, Japan
"On Chinese Emerging Multinationals"
:Shizuko Kato, Professor of Meiji University, Japan
"On Russian Emerging Multinationals"

15:30 to17:00 (90min.)

Plenary Symposiums
Symposium V
Room: 1011
Organizer:Japan Accounting Association
Theme:IFRS Adoption: Lessons from Korea and Taiwan
Moderator:Akihiro Noguchi, Professor of Nagoya University
Presentation 1:Tien-mu Huang, Adjunct Professor of Soochow University, Taiwan.
Vice Chairman, T. Huang of Financial Supervisory Commission,
:IFRS Adoption in Taiwan
Presentation 2:Jongsoo Han, Professor of Accounting, Ewha Womans University,
Vice President, Korean Accounting Association.
:IFRS Adoption in Korea
Commentator 1:Takashi Hashimoto
Aoyama Gakuin Univ., Professor of Accounting
Commentator 2:Tokuei Sugimoto
Kwansei Gakuin Univ., Professor of Accounting

Symposium VI
Room: 1012
Organizer:Japan Academy of International Business Studies
Theme:Revision and Transformation of Japanese MNEs and Japanese Management Systems
Moderator:Chie Iguchi, Associate Professor of International Business, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University, Japan.
Presentation 1:Fabian J. Froese, Professor of Human Resource Management,
Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany.
"HR Challenges for Japanese MNEs"
Presentation 2:Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood, Associate Professor of International Business,National University of Singapore, Singapore.
"Innovation in the New World Order: From Classical to Frugal innovation"
Presentation 3:Tetsuya Usui, Associate Professor of International Marketing,
Faculty of Law, Nihon University, Japan.
"Supply Chain Transformations for Japanese MNEs"

Joint Symposium for International Management,
Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour Tracks
Theme:Global Staffing: Current Developments, Challenges and Directions for Future Research
Chair and
:Allen Engle
Presenter 1:Peter J. Dowling, LaTrobe University, AUSTRALIA
"Emerging Challenges and Threats for the International HRM Function in MNEs"
Presenter 2:Yvonne McNulty, Singapore Institute of Management University, SINGAPORE
"Extending the Construct Development of Corporate Expatriation for Research and Practice in Asia"
Presenter 3:Michael J. Morley, University of Limerick, IRELAND
"On Coping, Competence and Capacity Building: The Nature and Role of Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training among Recently Internationalised Irish MNCs"
Presenter 4:Nealia S. Bruning, University of Manitoba, CANADA
"Expatriate's Core Self Concepts and Their Effectiveness: Are There Consistent Relationships?"


Track 1 : Crisis Management
Track ChairsAllen D. Engle (Eastern Kentucky University)
Mariko Nakabayashi (Meiji University)
Track 2 : Research Methods
Track ChairsChristina Ahmadjian (Hitotsubashi University)
Naoki Watanabe (Keio University)
Track 3 : Management Education
Track ChairsJaeho Moon (Tokoha University)
Yuji Yoshida (Chiba University of Commerce)
Track 4 : Management History, Philosophy and Theory
Track ChairsShawn M. Carraher (the University of Texas at Dallas)
Minoru Shimamoto (Hitotsubashi University)
Track 5 : International Management
Track ChairsPeter J. Dowling (La Trobe University)
Chie Iguchi (Keio University)
Track 6 : Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Track ChairsJuan José Durán Herrera (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Hideko Sakurai (Chuo University)
Track 7 : Corporate Governance, Accounting and Managerial Control
Track ChairsRalf Bebenroth (Kobe University)
Kazuhiro Tanaka (Hitotsubashi University)
Track 8 : Strategic Management
Track ChairsToshihiko Kato (Hitotsubashi University)
Shinichi Ishii (Osaka City University)
Track 9 : Organization Behavior and Organization Development
Track ChairsSue Bruning (University of Manitoba)
Fabian J. Froese (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Takumi Miwa (Kyoto Sangyo University)
Track 10 : Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
Track ChairsMichael Morley (University of Limerick)
Makoto Fujita (Waseda University)
Norio Kambayashi (Kobe University)
Track 11 : Knowledge, Technology and Operations Management
Track ChairsTaehoon Park (Osaka City University)
Takabumi Hayashi (Kokushikan University)
Track 12 : Marketing, Service Management
Track ChairsEdward Bruning (University of Manitoba)
Munehiko Ito (Kobe University)
Track 13 : Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Track ChairsBishnu Kumar Adhikary (Kobe University)
Jin-ichiro Yamada (Osaka City University)
Track 14 : Public Sector and Non-profit Management
Track ChairsSalvador T. Porras (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa)
Pedro Solis (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa)
Takao Nuki (Musashi University)
Track 15 : Critical Management Studies
Track ChairsYvon Pesqueux (CNAM)
Rémi Jardat (ISTEC Paris)
Masayasu Takahashi (Meiji University)