ILC2018 / The 3rd International Conference on Innate Lymphoid Cells
"Towards the next generation"

Instructions for Presenters

Information for Oral Presenters

Preview Desk Opening Hours

29th November 2018 (Thursday) at 12:00 – 18:00
30th November 2018 (Friday) at 08:30 – 18:00
1st December 2018 (Saturday) at 09:00 – 17:00

Location: Preview Room

Please bring your presentation as a PowerPoint or Keynote file on a USB stick.
Kindly note that the ILC2018 computers in the session halls run on either:

-Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 (Windows)
-Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or 2016 (Mac)
-Keynote Ver. 8 (Mac)

Please make sure that your presentation is fully operational.

Size of slides: Please use the standard 4:3 size for all your slides.

If your presentation includes a video, you should keep the video file in the same folder as your presentation file. It is acceptable to bring your own laptop if you have concern about your video file. In such case, it would be very helpful if you could bring a D-Sub 15 Pin VGA adaptor (mini) connection (shown below) and please come to test it in advance at the Preview Desk.

If you wish to play a video, please compress the video in a format readable on Windows Media Player 12. Please also let us know at the Preview Desk if you will play sound.

It is highly advisable and strongly recommended to bring a back-up of your presentation(s) and any video file(s) in case any unforeseen technical difficulties arises.

Please refrain from editing your presentation at the Preview Desk.

Your presentation data will be temporarily saved onto the Preview Desk server and also onto the computers at the congress. At the end of the congress period, all files will be deleted off the server and the conference computers.

Please upload your file at least a break before your presentation session at the Preview Desk. The file name should be labeled with the initials of your first name and your full surname (e.g. J. Smith) and also your reference number (e.g. S-1) as given in your e-mail notification letter.

Your conflict of interest disclosure statement should be at the beginning of your presentation.
(i.e. first or second slide to be disclosure statement slide)

Your help in keeping the sessons on time is very much appreciated.

Instruction for Poster Presenters

Posters (light cardboard or paper) must be brought to the Conference by the presenting author and should not be mailed in advance.

Upon arrival on 30th November, please go to your poster board with your poster number and mount your poster. Please note, you are not able to mount your poster on 29th November. Each Poster is allocated one poster board that will be marked with your final reference number as mentioned in your e-mail notification letter.

Posters can only be taken down after 15:00 on the 1st December (Saturday).

The Poster exhibition will be located in Event space on the B2 floor, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 on the B1 floor. The space for poster display will be 240cm long and 90cm wide. Please note, this size is based on poster panel size. Please prepare your poster within this size.

Presentation numbers and pushpins for mounting will be provided.

Please be aware that photography of posters may be taken for publicity purposes while they are on display.

Your Conflict of interest disclosure statement should be include at the bottom of your poster. Even if you have no conflict of interest to declare, your presentation must include the statement "I have no potential conflicts of interest to report."

Posters that have not been removed by the end of the congress will be disposed of by the organizers.

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