Cancer research providing hope to fight against cancer October 3thu.-5sat., 2013 PACIFICO YOKOHAMA President:Yusuke Nakamura
The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association has successfully ended on Oct.5, 2013.   We thank you for your attendance and great cooperation.

What's New

2013.09.27 Digital Abstracts has been updated.
2013.09.25 Information for Participants has been updated.
2013.09.20 Conflict of Interest has been updated.
2013.09.09 Information for Participants, Program has been updated.
2013.09.05 Instruction for Chairpersons and Speakers has been updated.
2013.08.02 Accepted Regular Abstracts has been updated.
2013.08.01 [For Speakers] Notification of presentation schedule and number will be announced in the middle of Aug.
2013.07.31 Online Registration has been closed.
2013.07.26 Conflict of Interest has been updated.
2013.07.23 Accommodation has been updated.
2013.07.12 Online Registration has been extended.
2013.05.08 Abstract Submission for Presentations (Oral, Poster) has been closed.
2013.04.30 Abstracts for non-invited speakers of International Sessions and Symposia has been closed.
2013.04.22 Abstract submission deadline has been extended.
2013.04.01 Online Registration has been updated.
2013.03.07 Abstract Submission has been updated.
2013.02.01 Program has been updated.
2012.11.19 Web site opened.


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