The 82nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society


Date:MARCH 23 (Fri) - 25 (Sun), 2018 Venue:Osaka International Convention Center Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka Dojima River Forum President:Yoshiki Sawa, M.D., Ph.D.

Call for Abstracts

Plenary Sessions and Symposia
Regular Abstracts

Online submission starts at July 10 (Monday), 2017, 1:00AM (UTC)

Plenary Sessions and Symposia (Click here for details)

  • Deadline for Submission: August 21 (Monday), 2017, 9:00PM (UTC) Closed
  • Deadline for Revision: August 22 (Tuesday), 2017, 9:00PM (UTC) Closed

Regular Abstracts (Click here for details)

  • Deadline for Submission: October 3 (Tuesday), 2017, 9:00PM (UTC)
  • Deadline for Revision: October 5 (Thursday), 2017, 9:00PM (UTC)
    The submission and revision deadline for Regular
    Abstracts has been extended to Friday, October 13,
    3:00 AM (UTC) Closed

Late Breaking Clinical Trials / Late Breaking Cohort Studies

Online submission starts September 4(Monday), 2017, 1:00AM (UTC)

Late Breaking Clinical Trials / Cohort Studies (Click here for details)

  • Deadline for Submission and Revision:October 25 (Wednesday), 2017, 8:00AM (UTC)