The 82nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society


Date:MARCH 23 (Fri) - 25 (Sun), 2018 Venue:Osaka International Convention Center Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka Dojima River Forum President:Yoshiki Sawa, M.D., Ph.D.

General Information for Participants

General Information for Participants

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Instructions for Poster Presentations

Site Map & Shuttle Bus

Floor Guide

Registration Fee

(On or Before February 28)


On-Site Registration
(March 22-25)
Participant from Overseas JPY 14,000 JPY 15,000
Exchange Student in Japan * - JPY 5,000

* A certificate is required for exchange students. The Certificate form can be downloaded from the below. Please fill in the form and submit it at the Registration Desk.

For Poster Presenters

  • Presenters should receive a presenter’s ribbon at the Poster Session Registration Desk in front of each poster presentation room.
  • Posters will be displayed for the whole day.
  • Posting and removal times are scheduled as below. Please note that any posters remaining over the removal time will be disposed of by the Secretariat.
Date Posting Session 1 Session 2 Removal
March 23 (Fri.) 8:00–9:00 15:00–15:50 16:50–17:40 17:40–18:30
March 24 (Sat.) 8:00–9:00 16:30–17:20 18:00–18:50 18:50–19:30
March 25 (Sun.) 8:00–9:00 14:00–14:50 15:50–16:40 16:40–17:00
  • The Chairperson will facilitate the presentations and discussions during the poster session. Presenters should arrive at their poster panel no later than 5 minutes before their scheduled presentation time.
  • Presentation time is 7 minutes: 4 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.

Arrangements of Posters


  • The size of panel is 180 cm×90 cm. The presentation number will be preliminarily provided on the board. Please refer to the sample right. The presenter must prepare the title for the panel.
  • We suggest that text and diagrams be arranged appropriately so that the poster is legible from a distance. Please state clearly the presentation’s objective, methods, results, and conclusion. The objective should be positioned at the upper left and the conclusion at the lower right of the poster.
  • Regardless of the language of your presentation, please make sure the poster should be made in English (except for the Team Medical Care Session).
  • If your project was performed jointly with, or received support from the private sector, please dis-close this in your poster.
  • Please report any conflict of interest (COI).

The Japanese Circulation Society (JCS) is currently running a disclosure of COI.
Delegates who will be participating in the Poster Presentations are requested to review “The Japanese Circulation Society Regulations Concerning Conflict of Interest Policy in Clinical Research”
Delegates are requested to use the formats, which are downloadable from the JCS website to declare COI inserting COI disclosures at the end of the poster.