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Welcome Message

The 57th Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society 2014 Greetings

  Dear Colleagues,

  As the President of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society (57th JDS), I would like to welcome you to this 3-day event scheduled to take place from Thursday, May 22 to Saturday, May 24, 2014, with its main venues being the Osaka International Convention Center and its neighboring facilities including RIHGA Royal Hotel.
  The theme for the meeting "Living with diabetes—from dreams to practice" reflects our recognition that even today, diabetes remains a difficult disease to cure, and those affected by the disease have no choice but to live with it for the rest of their lives.
  With this in mind, it is my mission to make the forthcoming Annual Meeting an opportunity to bring the collective wisdom of all members of the JDS to bear on the question, "What can we do as healthcare providers for these affected individuals?" and to find the best currently available answers to provide encouragement to those affected individuals.
  To address this compelling question, I believe we require a two pronged approach: On one hand we need to focus on continuing research that will provide the building blocks for improving future practice, and hand-in-hand with this we need to look at current daily bedside practice aimed at relieving the suffering of patients.
  Specifically, the forthcoming Annual Meeting has been organized to reflect shifts "from research dreams to best practices", that is, "from bench to bedside", in many of its official symposia, thus integrating both basic research and clinical practice.
  Oral presentations will be structured as a 7-minute presentation followed by a 3-minute Q&A to allow for adequate discussion. Poster presentations are scheduled to take place in the evening to avoid delegate traffic congestion and to allow face-to-face and in-depth discussions between presenters and delegates in a relaxed atmosphere.
  A few words about the meeting poster are also in order. The meeting poster incorporates a base color, intended to convey energetic and positive feelings, which we hope to infuse into our diabetes care. The big tree standing in the center is to convey our firm desire for promoting the growth of diabetes care, with the strong trunk representing the important framework of research dreams with the numerous red flowering branches symbolizing our expectations for basic research to blossom and bear fruit in real-world clinical settings or practices. In addition, the multitude of people gathered around the tree are intended to embody my wish that all diabetic patients, young and old, male and female, may lead a positive, warm and fruitful life, with the help of dedicated healthcare providers.
  The host city to the forthcoming Annual Meeting, Osaka is fortunately situated with its core meeting facilities concentrated in the area around the Osaka International Convention Center and the neighboring RIHGA Royal Hotel, thus allowing delegates to quickly and easily move from one venue to the next during the Annual Meeting.
  As the host, we are committed to making this meeting as successful as possible, and we will make every effort to ensure that you will witness research dreams turning into clinical reality, so that you will leave the meeting, feeling inspired and exhilarated to continue and improve your own clinical and research practice.
  We all look forward to welcoming you to the Annual Meeting in Osaka.

Toshiaki Hanafusa, MD, PhD, FACP
Professor and Chairman
Department of Internal Medicine (I)
Osaka Medical College

President: Toshiaki Hanafusa