Japan Investment Conference 2015『ガバナンスの確立した資産運用立国を目指して』

Putting Corporate Governance at the Heart of the Asset Management Industry in Japan

(Eng lish content follows Japanese one.)




※当カンファレンスは、6.5 CEクレジット(6.5 SERクレジットを含む)の対象となります。

As part of the governmentʼs Revitalization Strategy 2014, otherwise known as the “third arrow” of Abenomics, a new Corporate Governance Code is about to take effect in Japan. In tandem with the launch last year of the new Stewardship Code, it is hoped that 2015 will usher in the year of “Governance” for the country.

As Japan continues to age and the population begins to shrink, trade deficits leading to a bleeding red current account appear to be an almost inevitable reality. Given the importance of the asset management business amidst this challenging background, the need for a renewed commitment to improving the investment process becomes apparent. Hence the focus this year on the remaining challenges facing corporations, institutional investors, pension funds and asset managers.

The CFA Institute, in partnership with our local member societies, offers a wide range of insightful and engaging events across the globe. At our Japan Investment Conference, prominent experts provide crucial insights on global market developments and evolving investment strategies. Donʼt miss this opportunity to stay on the leading edge of industry trends and network with your peers.

* Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation wil be provided.
* CE Credit: Qualifies for 6.5 credit hours, inclusive of 6.5 hour in the content areas of Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER)

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