We are glad to report that on September 25 and 26, 2010, The 1st JSGE International Conference Seminar took place at Kamakura Park Hotel

This seminar was convened for the first time organized by the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology under the leadership of Dr. Toshifumi Hibi of KeioUniversity, the President of this congress and Dr. Tooru Shimosegawa of TohokuUniversity, the Vice President.

The main theme of this seminar was “Stem Cell.” Nine distinguished researchers on this cutting-edge field were invited from overseas to give lectures. Other presentations were open for applications, and we received thirty one applications as a result.

The number of participants was exceeded our expectation by far; although the seminar was held on a weekend, 102 participants in total engaged in heated discussions.

Poster presentations were also conveyed in English that invited fueled discussion with researchers from around the world.

Within thirty one poster presentations, two were selected for the Best Poster Award. The awardees were Dr. Shiro Yui of Tokyo Medical and DentalUniversity and Dr.Junpei Sasajima of AsahikawaMedicalCollege. Congratulations Drs. Yui and Sasajima!

Except foreign guests, participants went on their way home after much intriguing debates. After the seminar, we took this opportunity to introduce Kamakura to the guests. In most cases, it was their first visit to Kamakura. They enjoyed a day in Kamakura visiting the famous Buddha statue (over thirteen meters high) and drawing sacred lots to learn their fortune.

(Two at the center are Kamakura City’s volunteer guides)

Next Conference Seminar will be convened next year in Matushima, under the leadership of Dr. Shimosegawa.

See you in Matsushima!!

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