The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

14 - 16, 2018, Osaka International Convention Center, Conference Chairman:Shunsuke BABA Message from the President

The 48th Japanese Society of Oral Implantology (JSOI2018) Annual Meeting will be held from September 14th (Fri.) to September 16th (Sun.), for a three-day period at the Osaka International Convention Center in Osaka.

The main theme of this meeting is, “The Future Based on Implant Treatment,” and subtitled as, “Responsibilities to the Super-Aged Society.” I hope this meeting will confirm the excellence of implant treatment, gaining the public’s trust in this super-aged society. Additionally, as the compilation of the main theme, “The Future Based on Implant Treatment” series, I hope this meeting will also provide a meaningful opportunity to rethink your implant treatment options for elderly patients.

There are various programs planned for this meeting, such as, special lectures, keynote lectures, educational lectures, symposium led by various committees, International sessions, various workshops and seminars, related academic symposiums, specialist education lectures, specialized dental hygienist education courses, special dental technician education courses, luncheon seminars, civic public lectures, etc. In addition, we are also preparing a number of programs that will attract young doctors and doctors’ interests, who are considering getting into implant treatment.

Shunsuke Baba
President, JSOI2018 Annual Meeting
Professor & Chairman, Department of Oral Implantology
Osaka Dental University

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