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It gives me great pleasure to announce that we will be hosting the 106th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Urological Association to be held in Kyoto from April 19 through April 22, 2018. The 16th Urological Association of Asia Congress 2018 is also being scheduled back to back with this. A quarter of a century ago, in 1993, Kyoto University had the privilege of hosting the 81st JUA Annual Meeting with Dr. Osamu Yoshida, now a professor emeritus, as the congress president. Three years earlier, in 1990, the first UAA Congress was held in Fukuoka with Dr. Joichi Kumazawa, now a professor emeritus of Kyushu University, as the congress president. The Congress 2018 in Kyoto will be the second UAA Congress to take place in Japan.
Since the JUA Annual Meeting and the UAA Congress will coincide this time, we have set an overarching theme for the two events --- “Discover Tomorrow of Urology” --- with a view to reaffirming the position of Japan in Asia and that of Asia in the world. In this context, the sub-theme of the JUA Annual Meeting has been set as a “Message From Japan to Asia” and that of the UAA Congress, a “Message From Asia to the World.” Incidentally, the phrase “Discover Tomorrow” is also the official slogan of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
During the last quarter of a century, IT and other information science have advanced at an amazing pace, and today countries around the world are linked with each other much closer than before. The so-called “globalization” is progressing. In turn, however, regional disparities have become more apparent. Various problems have emerged, presenting growing needs for us to address. The 106th JUA Annual Meeting will have a number of distinguished guest speakers from among leading urologists of Asia, the U.S. and Europe. Together, we are hoping to review the future prospects of the urological domain from global perspectives.
We will hold academic conferences for the first three days of the Congress period. On the fourth day, we will offer video showings for educational courses of JUA in accordance with a new medical specialist system. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to Kyoto in April 2018.