Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference 2018 International Convention

Registration / Accommodation

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Registration : March 6 –  April 18 noon, JST
have been extended to April 25 noon, JST


*If Registration Term passed, You need to pay Onsite fee.

Registration Fee (Unit : JPY)

Early Registration Onsite Registration
Member ¥30,000 ¥36,000
Non-member ¥40,000 ¥40,000
Non-member (Medical Staff) ¥20,000 ¥30,000
Non-member (Patient, Family) - ¥10,000
Medical Student / Internship - Free
Graduate Student - Free
Student - Free
Program Booklet
(only onsite)
- ¥2,000
Member is a KBCRN member.
Registration fees includes:
Registration does not include travel, hotel reservations or tours.
Non-Member (Patients · Family), Graduate Student and Students can only resister on the day. (Onseite)
All of students are required to show your student ID at reception on the day.
If you forgot your students ID on the day, you would not be applied to student fee.
Note: Luncheon Seminar

Please note that you need to get the ticket for the Luncheon Seminar in advance. In case you don't have the ticket, you will be on the waiting list. Please note that the number of the Lunch Box is limited. Please get your Lunch Box in front of the Entrance of the Lecture Room.

Program Booklet

Purchase of Program Booklet
You can buy Program Booklet only onsite.
If you want to buy it, please purchase on the registration desk at Kyoto International Conference Center 1F Entrance Lobby from May 16 to May 19.
Program Booklet KBCCC2018 (English): 2,000 (JPY)(tentative)
Program Booklet 26jbcs (Japanese): 3,000 (JPY)


* The number of program Booklet are limited.

Registration Procedure

Early Registration
Please click the "Registration" button at the bottom of this page.
On-site Registration
Please make payment at the On-site Registration Desk.

Payment Method

* All payment must be made in Japanese yen.

* Credit Card only
American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and JCB are acceptable.

Online Registration Flow

Online Registration Flow


The Confirmation Letter can be printed out through the "Registration" page when you complete the payment.

  • The Registration Confirmation can be printed as many times as you wish by May 19(Sat), 2018.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be made for cancellation request after registration completed.


Registration Desk

KBCCC2018 / 26JBCS Registration Desk

KBCCC2018 / 26JBCS Registration Desk
FAX: 81-3-5549-4623
E-mail: reg-26jbcs-kbccc2018[A]convention[D]co[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . )


For booking your accommodation, please visit to "Accommodation Booking" below. All delegates are available for the booking from Thursday, 22nd Feb to 27th April 2018.

Accommodation Booking

Inquiry for accommodation

In case of specific questions regarding your accommodation, please contact as follows:

JTB Western Japan Corp.
The 26th Annual of The Meeting Japanese Breast Cancer Society / KBCCC2018 Desk
E-mail: westec_op10[A]west[D]jtb[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . )
*09:30–17:30 (GMT+9) Weekdays ONLY*

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