Pulse of Asia 2018

Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We cordially welcome all of you to attend the scientific meeting of the Pulse of Asia 2018, to be held on 19–20 May at the Miyako Messe Center, Kyoto, Japan.

The main theme of the POA2018 in Kyoto is “systemic hemodynamic atherothrombotic syndrome (SHATS)”. This is a concept of vicious cycle of hemodynamic variability and vascular property on organ damage and cardiovascular events. The program will consist of sessions of hot topics of pathophysiology-based clinical evaluations of vascular properties and blood pressure variability. As the facilitator and/or the modulator of the SHATS, aging kidney and inflammation, regional differences in healthcare environmental factors, and renal denervation will be focused. In addition, we will have the joint sessions with the Hypertension Forum, spring meeting of Japanese Society of Hypertension, and the HOPE Asia Network meeting, an Asian activity of World Hypertension League. The HOPE Asia network is aiming to improve the management of hypertension and organ protection for “zero” cardiovascular event in Asia, in consideration of Asian characteristics.

The Pulse of Asia 2018 promises to provide the up-date information of the cardiovascular research on the artery and blood pressure, and the warm “agora” for the fruitful discussion on the Asian characteristics of vascular health.

Welcome to the Pulse of Asia 2018 in Kyoto!

Kazuomi Kario
Kazuomi Kario
Chairman, POA Annual Meeting 2018

Jiguang Wang
Jiguang Wang
President, The Pulse of Asia

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