Post - SMiRT 24 Conference | Enhancement of Nuclear safety against External Natural Events- Focusing on Beyond Design Basis- / Date: August 28th, 29th and 30th 2017 / Venue:  The University of Tokyo, Japan-Fukutake Hall and Ito International Research Center Bunkyo-ku Tokyo


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Welcome to Tokyo

Tsuyoshi TakadaThe International Association for Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (IASMiRT) is organizing the post-SMiRT Conference in Tokyo, Japan , under cooperation of Japan Association for Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (JASMiRT), just after the SMiRT24 in Busan this summer.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a 3-day international forum for in-depth technical discussion on beyond design basis events (BDBEs) relevant to enhancement of nuclear safety against external natural events. In particular, based on the lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident, discussion will be made on international practical applications and implementations for nuclear safety improvement against BDBEs as continuation of the intensive discussion to be made in SMiRT24.

We are inviting several world-renowned keynote speakers and panelists to deliver their own thoughts on BDBEs. We would like to expect that the conference would have vigorous and fruitful discussions with any stakeholders, researchers, experienced engineers and regulators around the world on the BDBEs of natural phenomena.

University of TokyoIn addition, we organize two interesting technical tours on the last day of the conference. One-day tour goes to the Hamaoka NPP, where a variety of countermeasures against BDBEs such as tsunami protection wall and severe accident facilities have already been taken; the half-day tour visits CRIEPI (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry) Abiko Area having an advanced experimental facilities such as Strong Shaking Table and Large-scale Tsunami Physical Simulator.

Finally, we would like all of you to enjoy the attractive cultural activities in Tokyo and along Japan and to discover something unique in Japan.

I wish that many people will participate in this conference and enjoy Japanese culture.

Tsuyoshi Takada, Professor
Conference Chair of post-SMiRT Conference Tokyo
The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan