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Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committees, it is great pleasure to announce that The 8th TAKAO International Symposium on Molecular Mechanism of Cardiopulmonary Disease-New Insight into the Development of Pulmonary Circulation and Ductus Arteriosus- will be held at KUNIBIKI MESSE in Matsue-city, Shimane, for 3 days from October 6th (Friday) to 8th (Sunday), 2017.

Legendary Honored Professor Atsuyoshi Takao, who made great contributions to the field of Pediatric Cardiology including the establishment of Takao syndrome (known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome), originally held the world’s 1st International Symposium on Morphogenesis on the Heart and Great Vessels in Tokyo in 1978. Since then, the symposium has been held almost once every 5 years with the participation of distinguished scientists and clinicians all over the world until 2002. As a result, molecular biological etiologies on congenital cardiovascular disease and the pathology of adult-onset genetic disorder have gradually been revealed. Regretfully, Professor Takao passed away in 2006 at age 81. Since then the symposium had not been held, however, we decided to re-start this symposium in succession to his achievements and wishes and had the 7th meeting in 2013, in which a total of about 200 researchers (including about 50 from overseas) deepened their debate. We also published a proceeding as a result of the symposium, which is available online (

This year, we planned the symposium on “Molecular Mechanism of Cardiopulmonary Disease -New Insight into the Development of Pulmonary Circulation and Ductus Arteriosus-” as the 8th International Symposium tributes to Professor Takao. In the process of the heart and vessels being formed, various cells gather together and their nature changes whilst interacting with each other. Genome information regarding interaction between various cells composed of heart and vessels remains a mystery. Further research about the development of pulmonary circulation and ductus arteriosus is required as we often face to serious problems of pulmonary arteries, especially pulmonary hypertension, and ductus arteriosus in our clinical practice. The symposium is being prepared as a meeting to discuss these issues and how they can be utilized in clinical practice of pediatric cardiology. There are few international meetings to technically discuss fundamental study in this fashion, thus this symposium is very unique in the world to focus on the direct relations between clinical practice and basic research, for which it has been receiving attention from researchers around the world. The topics we discuss at this symposium are expected to contribute to the prevention and treatment of congenital cardiovascular disease and pulmonary hypertension. We are also planning to publish a similar proceeding from this symposium.

The venue, Matsue-city of Shimane is located in southwest Japan (
It takes 80 min by airplane from Tokyo. Known as the City of Water, Matsue stands by the Sea of Japan, where Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi meet, in the middle of Shimane Peninsula. Famous for old castle and beautiful sunset over Lake Shinji, Matsue also prides itself on having been the adopted home of the writer Lafcadio Hearn, who became one of the first westerners to take Japanese citizenship under the name of Koizumi Yakumo. We hope you will enjoy the City of Water, culture, as well as the symposium.

We look forward to your attendance.

Toshio Nakanishi, MD. sign

Toshio Nakanishi, MD.
The Heart Institute of Japan
Tokyo Women’s Medical University

Yamagishi, MD, PhD.

Hiroyuki Yamagishi, MD, PhD.
Cardiovascular Development Forum in Japan
Keio University, School of Medicine

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