TakaoSymposium 2017

Instruction for Presenters

Presentation guideline

Oral Presentation at Kunibiki Messe between Oct. 7 and 8.

Speakers are requested to bring your presentation data in a flash memory and load it on one of the congress’ computers on the left side near podium. Please note that the congress’ computers in the session room are being supplied with Windows7. If using a Macintosh laptop computer, please note that you need to bring your own, confirm that it has a VGA socket for external signal and come to check it. Please note that the meeting venue will provide a Mini D-sub15 pin cable for connecting to PC switchers. Macintosh and certain kinds of Windows computers require an appropriate connector to fit a Mini D-sub 15 pin plug.

Allocated time of presentation

60 min: 50 min talk and 10 min Q&A
30 min: 25 min talk and 5 min Q&A
15 min: 12 min talk and 3 min Q&A

Poster Presentation

Posters are located inside of the International Conference Center.

Presenters are requested to follow the schedule below in mounting their poster on their assigned board. Your program poster number can been found in the website. Poster
  • Mounting time on Oct. 7 : 8:00–11:30
  • Removal time on Oct. 8 : 16:15–16:45
Any posters remaining on their panels after removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.
Poster Panel
  • Poster sizes should be no larger than 1200 mm wide × 2100 high.
  • Your program poster number will already be on your assigned board.
Presenters are requested to come to the following hours and present your paper. The allocated time for each speaker is 3 minutes, followed by discussion of 2 minutes.
  • Session Time :
    Oct. 7 at 12:20–14:00Presentation
    Oct. 8 at 13:20-14:20Free Discussion
Poster Awards
4 posters from 4 groups (1 poster from each group) will be selected by chairpersons and awarded. The result will be announced at the Gala Dinner on Oct. 7

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