Tokyo-Moscow International Medical Forum2018, Date:2018.11.23 (Fri.) – 25 (Sun.), Venue:National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) Soukairou Hall

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“Tokyo - Moscow International Medical Forum 2018”
~Towards Medical Excellence in Eurasia~
On the occasion of “Japan-Russia Exchange Year 2018”

The recent advances in medicine and medical care are remarkable with the establishment of new treatment method through gene-level clarification of the cause of many of the diseases, which contributes significantly to improving the health of people, and many of the intractable diseases are currently considered as curable diseases.

On the other hand, there are still diseases whose causes are unknown and the treatment methods for these diseases are yet established today, and the introduction of new technology does not necessarily bring a positive effect only for mankind, but there is also the possibility showing unexpected side effects.

To clarify the cause of the intractable diseases and to develop treatment methods, it is important to foster the coordination and cooperation not only among medical science and pharmacology, but also with all other relevant relating sciences.

There are successful examples of total care for the patients by physicians, nurses, pharmacists and specialists in various fields, and bright future is within visible range by research on treatment methods applied wit iPS cells, as well as research findings in the areas of genes, which enabled the identification of causes and elucidation of diseases which were previously considered as difficult to do so.

In order to further promote this direction and to establish methodology for a wide range of research and development and high degree of treatment methods, international cooperation in various fields is getting to be even more indispensable, and it is hoped that positive international cooperation activities will be intensified both in the public and private sectors.

Fortunately, international conferences held in Moscow in 2014 and in 2016 with the attendance of forefront researchers of basic science and clinical research in the immunology and rheumatology have made significant scientific achievements and positive results. These conferences were held as part of international exchange with Russian scientists jointly organized by Japan Medical Research Foundation (JMRF) which has been conducting various activities aimed at overcoming intractable diseases and at development of human resources who can show leadership in the Russian and Eurasian region, as well as in China and South East Asia, through international exchange activities.

By taking advantage of JMRF's precious experience of international exchange with Russian scientists, following Japan-Russia International Medical Science Conference was proposed to be held in Japan in 2018.

Since the year 2018 is decided as the Russo-Japanese Exchange year by the governments of Japan and Russian Federation, we wish to inform to all whom it may concern that "Tokyo-Moscow International Medical Forum 2018" is recommended as a commemorative event of the Exchange Year in the field of Medicine and medical cooperation between Russia and Japan.

While there is hard reality surrounding the conditions and environment with intractable diseases in various countries, there is a big flow for the treatment measures of intractable diseases, with the total care system in this direction which is established by Japan Medical Research Foundation (JMRF).

Moreover, new project is currently underway by JMRF to promote measures for intractable diseases with basic skeleton strategy of post-bio treatment, expansion of adaptation of bio-pharmaceutical products, and the research and development of the DNA/RNA vaccine.

In order to proliferate the cutting edge progress of Japan's medicine and medical care internationally, and to deepen our mutual understanding on the current situation and future prospects of our Japanese-Russian medical partnership, We thank you for your cooperation and support and welcome you to take active part in “Tokyo-Moscow International Medical Forum 2018” (TOMO Forum 2018) in Tokyo.

March 2018

Tokyo-Moscow International Medical Forum 2018
Organizing Committee
Kusuki Nishioka
Oleg Yanushevich

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