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Accompanying Person Program
Information of The 50th-51st Annual Meeting (in Japanese)World Congress on Oleo Science (WCOS 2012) & 29th ISF Congress –JOCS/AOCS/KOCS/ISF Joint Meeting–および日本油化学会創立60周年記念講演会・日本油化学会第50-51回合同年会

Organizing Committee

Chairman Prof. Masahiko Abe
Co-Chairman Prof. Hiroyuki Shimasaki
Co-Chairman Prof. Toshihiro Itoh
Co-Chairman Prof. Takeshi Kawai
Co-Chairman Prof. Toshihiro Akihisa
Co-Chairman Prof. Osamu Shibata

International Committee

Chairman Dr. Dai Kitamoto

Financial Committee

Chairman Mr. Koji Beppu

General Affairs Committee

Chairman Dr. Takashi Arimura

Programme Committee

Chairman Prof. Takeshi Kawai

Oil, Fat & Lipid in Human Nutrition

Prof. Kazuo Miyashita

Surfactants & Interface Science

Prof. Kenji Aramaki
Prof. Hideki Sakai
Prof. Tomokazu Yoshimura
Prof. Kenichi Sakai
Prof. Masaru Oya

Processing Developments in Oil & Fat Technology

Dr. Takashi Yamaguchi

Biodiesel & Biofuel

Prof. Takeshi Kawai

Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Prof. Koretaro Takahashi
Dr. Toshihiro Nagao

Lipid Oxidation & Antioxidants

Prof. Naohiro Gotoh

Lipid Chemistry & Organic Synthesis

Prof. Toshihiro Akihisa

Analytical Techniques & Application

Prof. Yutaka Itabashi

Food & Feed Nutrition

Prof. Hiramitsu Suzuki

Food Structure & Functionality / FSFF

Prof. Yasuki Matsumura

Interdisciplinary Lecture

Prof. Masahiko Abe

Joint Sessions

AOCS Joint Symposium

Dr. Dai Kitamoto

KOCS Joint Symposium

Prof. Osamu Shibata

29th ISF Congress

Prof. Kiyotaka Sato
The International Society for Fat Research (ISF)
The International Society for Fat Research (ISF) was established in the 1950s by Dr H.P. Kaufmann and 42 prominent colleagues from around the world. Dr Kaufmann was a well-known director of the German Institute for Fat Research in Munster and an expert in fat, food and pharmaceutical chemistry - three areas with many interrelationships.

According to Dr Kaufmann, the ISF should act as an international pool and forum for the collection and distribution of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of fats and oils; it would be an international body with members from countries all over the world. To achieve this, the ISF organised periodical meetings where current issues in fat chemistry and science were discussed. These meetings were to be held every second year in different countries.

In 1991, a revised constitution was set up with the following mission statement for the ISF:

"The mission of the ISF is to provide for the international exchange of information about fats, oils and related materials and products by organising periodic ISF World Congresses on fat science and technology, by stimulating and supporting occasional international symposia or courses covering limited areas within the field of fat research and technology, and by encouraging the development of related national and/or multinational regional associations."

Membership under this new constitution is - contrary to the past where it consisted of participants of ISF Congresses - now held by oils and fats associations be they international, national or regional. In addition, there is now a professional ISF Secretariat managed by an Executive Director and housed at the AOCS headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, USA.

This was all adopted at the Board Meeting on 11 May, 1992 in Toronto, where the ISF formally became a federation of fats and oils associations around the world.

For further information on the ISF, please visit www.isfnet.org.}

About ISF Congress
Recognizing the increasing number of congresses pertaining to professionals involved in the science of fats, oils, and lipids, the ISF Board of Directors decided in May 2005 to discontinue sponsorship of its own Congress and offer plenary lectures at a regularly scheduled meeting of one of its member organizations. Still offered on a biannual basis, the inaugural offering of the "ISF Lectureship Series" was held in 2007 during the 98th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.

The second offering of the "ISF Lectureship Series" was held during the 2009 meeting of the Australian Oilseed Federation. And also, the third offering of the "ISF Lectureship Series" will be held in Nagasaki, Japan, during the 2012 meeting of the World Congress of Oleo Science (WCOS 2012) sponsored by Japan Oil Chemist’s Society (JOCS).

Membership in the ISF is open to national or regional organizations that are non-commercial, individual membership societies serving the interests of professionals in fields pertaining to fats, oils, and lipids related materials and their products.

Under its revised structure, the ISF Board is comprised of two distinct entities:

  1. The Executive Board includes up to two representatives from each organization that is eligible to host an ISF Congress
  2. The Extended Board, consisting of a maximum of two representatives from all member organizations

Eligibility to host an ISF Lectureship Series and have representation on the ISF Executive Board requires the member organization:

  1. to be classified as an individual membership scientific organization
  2. to host a regularly scheduled international scientific meeting of 300+ attendees in English or with English translation to send a representative
  3. to attend meetings of the Executive Board