Free nursery is provided in the scientific meeting area. The use is limited to participants of the 80th Scientific Meeting. Please apply for the use by following guidance if you wish to use.

Terms of service

Before your application, please read the terms of service carefully.

Closing date for application

Closing date for application: Mar 10th (Thu), 2016

※ If the number of applicants reaches the capacity, your name is on the waiting list.
 Please kindly note that we will contact you in order of application in case of cancellation only.

How to apply

Please fill in the application form and FAX or e-mail it to us. A certificate of receipt with detailed information will be sent by Fax or e-mail on subsequent day. If you do not receive the certificate of receipt after your application, please surely contact to “applications and inquiries” below.

  • ◇ The venue of nursery will be informed on the certificate of receipt.
  • ◇ Please bring the ”certificate of receipt” and the “(signed and original) application form”.
      Please also kindly show your participation certificate of the scientific meeting.
Application Form (PDF) Application Form (Word)
Applications and Inquiries
ALPHA Corporation Inc.
ATTN:Kotaki or Kosugi
TEL: 03-5797-7121 FAX:03-5797-7122