The 12th International Kawasaki Disease Symposium

June 12-15, 2018 PACIFICO Yokohama, Japan President:Masahiro Ishii, Kei Takahashi Theme: Progress and Harmony for Kawasaki Disease


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 12th International Kawasaki Disease Symposium (12th IKDS), it gives us great pleasure to invite Kawasaki disease researchers to join us in Yokohama, Japan from June 12 to 15, 2018. The theme of this symposium is “Progress and Harmony in Kawasaki Disease.” The symposium is held alternatingly by Japan and the United States where researchers from all related fields, including basic, epidemiology, and clinical research fields, meet to hold deep discussions over the course of four days.

We would like to have Kawasaki disease researchers from everywhere gather here and hold wide discussions on basic research, epidemiology, and medical practice. And we will provide a place for them to develop personal relationships with each other even after the daytime schedule is over. Yokohama, where the symposium will be held, is a cosmopolitan city founded in the Edo period, following an isolationist policy for a long period , during which time commerce with Western countries was commenced for the first time. The venue is easily accessible by transportation and conveniently located near Yokohama China Town and many other tourist spots. It is in an ideal location for participants to refresh themselves after the session.

We hope that clinicians, researchers, and epidemiologists will have positive discussions from various perspectives regarding Kawasaki disease in Yokohama.

President: Masahiro Ishii MD, PhD, FAC President: Kei Takahashi, MD., PhD.
Masahiro Ishii MD, PhD, FACC
Sign: Masahiro Ishii MD, PhD, FACC

Professor and Chairman Department of Pediatrics
Kitasato University School of Medicine

Kei Takahashi, MD., PhD.
Sign: Takahashi, MD., PhD.

Chairman, Japanese Society of Kawasaki Disease
Professor, Department of Surgical Pathology
Toho University Ohashi Medical Center

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