Instructions for Presentation

PC Presentation

Instructions for Speakers
A. Speaker Ready Room
All speakers must check their PowerPoint presentations at least 30 minutes prior to the lecture at the PC Preview Room to verify the PowerPoint presentation will function on the equipment provided.
The PC Preview Room is open during the following hours:
*The data registration is also available on the following days.
March 20 (Thursday) 15:00 - 18:00
March 21 (Friday) 07:00 - 18:00
March 22 (Saturday) 07:00 - 16:00
All presentations will be loaded onto the server at the PC Preview Center and distributed to the appropriate session room via the LAN.
B. Equipment
Each room will be equipped with a Windows PC. (No Macintosh computers)
The operating system will be Windows 7, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 versions are installed.
C. PowerPoint Presentation Data
Use standard fonts (e.g., Arial, Ariel Black, Ariel Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier New, Georgia, Symbol, Times New Roman) in your PowerPoint presentation to avoid conversion errors.
Bring your presentation data on a Windows readable USB flash drive or CD-ROM.
All authors will be required to disclose potential conflicts of interest on the first slide upon your presentation (NOT during submission). Examples of such conflicts include commercial sponsorship of research, acceptance of honoraria or consulting fees, and significant stock holdings in a company connected to the research.
After the session, all registered data will be deleted permanently.
The computers in the session rooms and the PC Preview Center will support Windows PC only. (No Macintosh Computers)
D. Instruction on Preparation of Your Computer
Users of Macintosh computers must bring your own computer in order to avoid trouble that can arise when PowerPoint presentation data created on a Macintosh computer are run on a Windows computer.
Speakers using your own laptops must bring an AC adapter and a connector in case your PC is not compatible with Mini D-sub 15 pins PC cable.
Please disable your password setting in case we have to restart your computer.
In order to avoid virus infection, please scan your data with updated anti-virus software beforehand.
Store all your files in one folder. Make sure that graphics/ animations/ videos and your presentation are all in the same folder. Please make sure to test your presentation on a separate PC compatible computer to ensure it works properly.
To avoid trouble during your presentation, please turn off your screen saver and power saving functions beforehand.
Ask the engineer to connect your laptop to the Mini d-sub 15 pins PC cable.
Please bring your presentation data on a storage medium as a backup file.
After checking in your data in the PC Preview Room, please bring your own PC to the "Operation Desk" near the speakers' podium in the session room, at least 20 minutes prior to your presentation time.
Please pick up your PC at the Operation Desk after your presentation.
For proper data projection, please adjust your screen setting to XGA (21024x768) beforehand.
E. In the Lecture Room
Your PowerPoint presentation will be available in your lecture room via a computer network.
A room attendant will be on stand-by to help you to operate the computer, if needed.
An equipped keyboard and more will be used as your remote control from the podium to navigate your PowerPoint presentation. The first page will be displayed on the monitor by the room attendant and the speakers are asked to navigate their PowerPoint from the second page.
A laser pointer will be available.
You may make modifications on your presentation data only in the PC Preview Room but NOT in the lecture room.
Speakers are required to strictly follow presentation / discussion time schedule.
Instructions for Oral Presentation Chairpersons
In the session room, all chairpersons are asked to come to the "Next Chairperson's Seat" which is prepared at the right side of the front row. Please be on stand-by no later than 20 minutes prior to the beginning of your session and inform the room attendant of your arrival.
As all chairpersons are responsible for the proceedings of the sessions, they are asked to ensure that all sessions finish punctually as scheduled.

Poster Presentation

Time line of posting, presentation, discussion and removal
Please stand in front of your poster through the scheduled presentation and discussion time. Please wear a yellow ribbon representing the presenter during your presentation time.
Posting 07:30 - 10:00 on March 21
Removal 12:30 - 14:00 on March 22
A. Posting Information
【Display Location】
The presentation number is shown at the upper left corner of each panel. Please find your number and put up your poster. Pushpins are prepared at each panel.
Posters must be prepared in English.
Remove your posters when the poster session time is over. The Secretariat will not keep nor return posters for anyone.
【Poster Size】
Your posters should not be larger than 120cm Width x 190cm Height Poster Size