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Invitation to the 2nd Japan-Korea Diabetes Forum

The 2nd Japan-Korea Diabetes Forum President Yukio Tanizawa, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Yamaguchi UniversityYukio Tanizawa, MD, PhD,
Professor of Medicine, Yamaguchi University
President, the 2nd Japan-Korea Diabetes Forum and
the 58th Japan Diabetes Society Annual Scientific Meeting

   On behalf of the organizing committee, I cordially invite members of both the Korean Diabetes Association (KDA) and the Japan Diabetes Society (JDS) to the 2nd Japan-Korea Diabetes Forum that will be held in conjunction with the 58th JDS Annual Scientific Meeting from May 21 to 24, 2015 in Shimonoseki, Japan. The main program of the forum is planned for May 22.
   As you know there is a long-standing close relationship between the KDA and JDS. The first Japan-Korea Diabetes Symposium was held in 1981, 34 years ago already. Since then, the Symposium had been held every two years alternating between Korea and Japan. In 2011, the 16th Japan-Korea Diabetes Symposium was held in Tokyo, and after that the Symposium was dissolved and absorbed into the newly established Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD). The Symposium was then reformed becoming the Korea-Japan Diabetes Forum, and in May 2013 the 1st Forum was held in Jeju, Korea in conjunction with the Spring Congress of the KDA.
   The Japan-Korea Diabetes Symposium has been held twice previously in Ube-City in Yamaguchi, Japan, under the presidency of Professor Toshio Kaneko. It is my great honor and pleasure to be able to welcome you to Yamaguchi for the third time. Shimonoseki, located 50 km west of Ube-City, is a romantic city sited beside the beautiful Kanmon Channel that runs between Honshu and Kyushu, the two main islands of Japan. It has been a hub for sea transportation and has a long history of ferry services to Busan in South Korea. The area has many historical sites, including those of importance in the Meiji Restoration of Japan. It also has many tourist and scenic spots focused on the sea such as the Kanmon Bridge over the Kanmon Channel, aquariums and the historic castle town of Chofu. The Forum venue is next to the Kaikyo Yume Tower, where you can get great panoramic views of the city and surrounding area, including the channel.
   With many international guest speakers who participate in the JDS meeting, the 2nd Japan-Korea Diabetes Forum will be a wonderful opportunity to exchange cutting-edge information with experts from all corners of the globe. I hope, and believe that you can enjoy this forum both scientifically and culturally.